First iOS 4.2 Beta Released

Apple has released the first beta for iOS 4.2 to developers; the update is to be released in November. The update will bring the iPad all the features of iOS 4 as well as new features such as Printing. The update is also available for iPhone and iPod Touch. Here is a brief video preview from App Advice outlining how the updated features work:

The update comes just a week after iOS 4.1 was released. The update is only available for developers at this stage.


Apple Posts Details on iOS 4.2 Update

Today Apple has updated their website to highlight some of the features that will be coming to the iPad with the iOS 4.2 update.

The page highlights the update’s main features of: Multitasking, AirPlay, Folders and Wireless Printing. Steve Jobs gave a sneak preview of iOS 4.2 at last week’s media event.